The Five Point Plan! ... NOT! (Yet)

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Posted by Rich/Mohican Press on April 16, 2000 at 07:11:21:

ABOVE: Can YOU guess which famous Mohicanite THIS is??? No cheating!

As some of you have noted, we've changed the appearance, somewhat, of this Board. Functionality remains unchanged. We're happy with the way this Board setup works! We did want to accomplish a couple of things, though, thus the face lift. One was to change the ambience a bit ... make it warmer, cozier ... more friendly. The other was brought on, partially, by some recent happenings. We felt that due to many people coming in here unaware of the main Site, the Board was not properly defined to all, despite having our Board credo posted. Now, there really is no excuse. It's obvious, from the moment you arrive, that there's more to this place than "just" this Board. It also makes it a lot easier for regular uses to get elsewhere in the Site, if you need to. All in all, it works for us. Hope you all find it useful and appealing!

The Stress Factor: In our never-ending quest to reduce stress & have fun we've adopted a "5-Point Plan" (ok, ok ... we really haven't counted out how many "points" there are, but isn't "5" standard for that type of thing???) towards achieving that somewhat vague goal. First thing we did was add a Mohican Press Frequently Asked Questions Page (not to be confused with the FAQ's associated with this Board). So far, so good on that one! Secondly, we added an E-Mail of the Week Feature :) ... Nipped ALL the negativity and silliness in the bud last week ... Not one truly negative or annoyingly nonsensical E-Mail arrived in our box since I posted the doozy from last week. Do I expect that to last? Heck NO! But it seems to have helped in the short term. We will keep it in our arsenal. This week's, thankfully, is positive! Thirdly (that's 3 of 5 if you're keeping count!), we made a change to the Site. That's all I'll say, for now, on that one. We're working on more ...

Spent a lot of time refining & changing things on the Site this week ... more of that to come. Amazing how many things we find that are errors STILL! In particular, the "Off The Beaten Trail" section has some new additions/changes within the pages. Might want to re-read some of that stuff in your "spare" time! (Whatever THAT is!)

E-Mail Of The Week: Doesn't have to be negative, you know. We've found it helpful to "Toot Our Own Horn," despite knowing it might rub some folks the wrong way. "Please yourself, that will please others," someone once wrote us, or words to that effect ... So, we shall! This is only a part (the rest might identify him) of an E-mail from a long time supporter and contributor, missing in action for a LONG time, who we heard from this week (hint: he was IN the film!):

"I am so impressed with the development of your site. It has grown and matured and risen into quite a tome on all related to the concept of Cooper's vision (and what it has grown into). I love the essays that others have written--like Alice in Mochicanland and from Mohicanland to Mohican something--it is of the family trip to you all took to the original sites of the Mohican villages and etc.

And you have gotten some really good interviews. Very big catches and very interesting reading. If you can get DDL or Micheal Mann--that would be something. The Big Fish!

Anyway, the colors and the compostion of each page has a unique look, but yet you have given the whole site unity with the repetition of certain images and layouts. The quilled feather is a great touch."


Gathering News: WOW! Let me just say that The Raffles to be held this year will be a great treat for all. As I learn of the items being donated, well, it is very exciting. You'll all have a great time with that! Another sign on, Nancy Michaelsen, from New Jersey (our neck of the woods once) ... WELCOME. That puts us now at ... what? ... 66? ... I think! We'll be setting up Louise's this week, as well as Biltmore, then, for me, at least, it's more or less a coast till up to Gathering Time ... a mere 2 months plus away! Hope you guys are getting your plans finalized! Don't forget the Raffles! The French Trader's Special Wampum Raffle is set. Marcia has some great items in store at her general raffle (thanks to some fine contributions!!), and Kate ... oh KATE! ... is handling Ariel's Cabin (not actually a raffle, but a "store" where all items - donations, except for cost in the case of hand-made stuff - sold will have their proceeds going to help Ariel, our little mascot, almost)! I've been busy with my own little donation to that cause ... something I hope you'll all enjoy!

And that's that, I think ...

Oh! Just a couple of days left to contact Government officials et al in The River Walk matter. They are to meet on the 18th ... PLEASE do so! Link below!

"If thou would'st live long, live well; for Folly & Wickedness shorten life."

Happy Trails! (and Taxes!)

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