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Posted by Seamus on April 16, 2000 at 20:51:07:

In Reply to: Re: I don't THINK so, Davey! posted by davey gunn on April 16, 2000 at 19:00:53:

: : : : Cousin Many Flags,

: : : : Your dispatch of the 14th inst. has arrived and I am returning this to you by the same runner so you may get it as quickly as possible.Sgt. Campbell and his detachment have arrived and he informed me that a section was being sent to Ft. Morris in preparation for the Ft. Frederick Campaign. This is, indeed, good news! We will be leaving this morning at daybreak to come to Morris. I hope we will get there before you all head for Loudoun, but if, perchance,we miss you, we will proceed on our own as quickly as we can.

: : : : Cousin! I have made great progress in mending some broken fences with my father, Quasi. I cannot tell you how much this has lightened my spirit and his, too. When we are together at Ft. Frederick I will tell you of some of the things we have discussed. I have even convinced him that he must accompany us to Ft. Frederick, and he is anxious to do that. You should see how Nancy and Gloria have taken to him...even young Timothy is calling him "Grandfather Quasi" and is looking after him. I did have to insist that he leave his gaggle of lassies here, though. Can you imagine? He wanted to bring them along!

: : : : Flags, I understand your vision of Angus, and your perplexity. I, too,as you will well remember, had an encounter which, at the time was as real as real can be, but now, even I am not sure whether I actually saw and heard him or not. Did you see him stop and talk to me when his sheep chased the Shawanese?

: : : : Here are the others...I must be on my way. We will see you within two days time...Don't worry about Davey Gunn! Even he will surface for some rest soon!

: : : : Seamus

: : :
: : : Cousin Seamus.......
: : : I feel the whack on the head that you received from that fiend Ranck has dulled your senses. In your last dispatch to our cousin Many Flags you made reference to me... "Even he will surface for some rest soon" thinks you refer to ThreeTales........he has the whole Fort in a stir, what with he and his woman "keeping company" as they do. No one has had a quiet nights sleep since they've arrived. With all the noises coming from their hut.....and the sight of TwoBottle's red makes me very homesick for my Colleen back in Caithness. Now i understand that TwoBottle will be traveling with us to Ft. Frederick. Maybe they will tire of each other soon.....and things will get back to normal......we can only hope!....besides, she and Mistress Campbell are the only females at this place, and it is a strain on us all that have wives back home.

: : : I hope you make the journey in good time, and safe passage. We are readying to leave for Ft. Loudon this day. Even if Uncle Quasi leaves his lasses behind in Carlisle, i am sure there will be more for him at Ft. Frederick. I hope he finds some pretty ones with red hair.....i do enjoy their company.

: : : davey gunn pvt. grenadier co. 77th Regiment

: :
: : Cousin Davey Gunn---

: : I have erred in my statement...BUT...only in that I have inadvertantly divulged a secret which I had all full intentions of keeping, and for that...I regret my error. BUT, I will tell you that I have observed someone in a KILT (and we ALL know the difference between a KILT and a CLOUT, now, don't we???) in the company of TwoBottle while I know for A FACT that Cousin ThreeTales was either deeply asleep (as evidenced by the snoring which could be heard around the compound) after a session with the red haired young mink, or was off on a scout. She must have been so into her own pleasure that she either did not notice the snoring or did not care! Even Quasi, the Master of such shenanigans is impressed by her! No man, even Tales, can sustain the levels of physical function needed to create such a constant state of "activity" as was going on, as evidenced by the noises that could be heard around eminating from that cabin. Even I was embarrassed by that! In addition, this KILT-CLAD fellow looked an awfully lot like Many Flags....and we KNOW how much as certain grenadier private (who shall remain nameless for now) looks like the twin of his cousin, ThreeTales, just as Many Flags looks like the twin of Cousin...and your brother... Malcolm. Hmmmmm?, er...the certain grenadier private.. have admitted your...oops!...his...longing for a certain red haired Colleen in Caithness. How long has it been? Hmmmm?

: : I am sure that TwoBottle has no idea that it was NOT Tales she was engaged with, since the KILT-clad fellow I SAW leaving the cabin, and whom I certainly recognized, has not been back there. Have no fear, Cousin. I owe you a lot, Davey, for what you did for me, rescuing me from the Shawanese and du Ranck, and I will keep this little OBSERVATION a secret. I can understand the need to release pent-up....uhhh, er, uhhh...energies. So rest safe, my Cousin, and accept my regrets. Pax AYE!!

: : Seamus
: : Who saw NOTHING...for the record

: Seamus.........
: This is more serious than i first've mis-spoke yourself once again........twas not i who helped save you from the wrath and cluthces of du Ranck.......but.....cousin ThreeTales and Many Flags.....i was with the Regiment in Carlisle. You must have had a very nasty whack on the head, of which you have yet to recover. And, i would be very careful of what you claim against TwoBottle......if ThreeTales gets wind of your claims and insinuations....he will have your hide on a stick, i have heard he is a very jealous sort. Even as you are a wary and expert woodsman....he is also....and i would not like to tangle with the likes of him....especially if he feels his woman has been slandered in such a way as you have done.

: You say that a kilted lad was seen leaving the presence of TwoBottle's hut......did you not know that ThreeTales has picked up the wearin' of a kilt now and again? Mainly for the convenience it lends in times of necessity. And, as you stated, ThreeTales and myself have a very stricking likeness to each other......almost as if we were twins......the Gunn handsomeness runs strong in us both! I have an airtight alibi in my brother Malcolm......he knows where i've been........for he's been there too!.....and it was not in the presence of TwoBottle. And as for ManyFlags......well, he is infatuated with that Parson's daughter, and would never think of compromiseing with his brother's wife!

: I would be very careful, if i were you, as to the tales you have to tell.......ThreeTales is an expert in seeking out the truth of them.....and i, for one, would not like to be at the end of that trail!

: davey gunn, pvt. grenadier co. 77th Regiment

Cousin Davey Gunn!

There's no worry...I shall not be telling around what I know...we MacWilliams do not gossip nor slander. It ain't slander if it is the truth, you know...I offer my observations as a warning to the "offending" party...t'will not be my hide he has on a stick, but the Kilted One's...and that is that. My intentions are to be of service to Tales, not to offend him, as we MacWilliams do look out for each other. I do not say that TwoBottle invited someone in, but merely that someone may have taken advantage of a situation. SOMEONE was there...who is not always there...I know Tales wears the kilt now and again, but I also know his SNORE, which was singing mighty loud as the Kilted One was sneaking out of the hut...Davey...I know what I saw and I saw what I know.

As for mis-speaking myself, I am certain this is a result of having my brains scrambled, as it seems to be a frequent occurrence these days, so THAT is a possibility. Which one of you...Tales or you?...has the beard...I can't seem to recall exactly...I even had a difficult time remembering when the trail branched from Carlisle to Morris, which branch to take today. Truthfully, I am becoming concerned about it. I have this ringing in my head all the time and I think I will see the Regimental Surgeon when I get to Loudoun. Maybe he will drill my skull and bleed me.

Tell Malcolm we will be arriving at Ft. Morris in the morning, and will start for Loudoun after we rest and refresh, probably by mid-day.

And, Davey,say nothing to Tales as yet. I am thinking of laying a trap for the skunk I saw. Pax Aye!


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