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Posted by Seamus on April 17, 2000 at 19:24:32:

In Reply to: Fort Loudoun in Sight! posted by Corporal Malcolm A. MacWilliam on April 16, 2000 at 21:07:31:

: Cousin Seamus,

: I write this message hurriedly for we are in sight of Fort Loudoun by the Conocochegue Creek. It is a small fort with four raised bastions. A stockade worthy of a supply dump but not much more. On our way here we traveled past the stockade and small settlement of Benjamin Chambers, an interesting man, who has had bad dealings with the provincial government, some such trouble over two swivel guns.

: I have understood there is some running arguement between my brother Davey Gunn and yourself concerning a certain kilted shadow that was seen near Two Bottle. Now, we must remember that there are vows between Two Bottle and Three Tales, so my brother Gunn would never think of compromising the love between a woman and one of our cousins. Just a reminder, that Uncle Angus wears a kilt and he does grow tiresome of his sheep at times and wishes for the company of a woman. Possibly a little slap and tickle with Two Bottle occurred, but I swear on the blood of St. Andrew that nothing more would Mistress Bottle allow, not even from one of our Uncles. However, you may want to keep on eye on Uncle Quasi around this red haired lass! Ahhh, and the new mystery of the look alike cousins continue. Just this morning as we were marching out of the gates of Morris to come here to Loudoun, Mistress Campbell mistook my lovely countenance for that of cousin Flags. They say there is a marked resemblance when he is not wearing his tricorn and me without my wig and bonnet.

: One bit of news of concern. We have lost wee John MacKay. It seems that the lad strayed from the trail as we marched here to Loudoun. We are not sure if he has been abducted by the savage Shawnee or if he stumbled into a sink hole somewhere. We searched the area for about an hour, but were ordered onward without success. I must hasten now for Calsious Shattoe, the retired Sgt., has begun to unload the baggage carts and horses as we tend to stay here at Loudoun for about a week before traveling on to Fort Frederick. I believe we probably just missed you and Uncle Quasi's presence at Morris. But our hopes are that we will see you soon enough.

: God Save the King! On to Frederick! Pax Aye!

: Cpl. Malcolm A. MacWilliam, 77th Grenadiers

Dear Cousin Malcolm--

I have received your most recent dispatch and am pleased to inform you that our party gained Ft. Morris as we had anticipated and are making preparations to start for Ft. Loudoun tomorrow. The heavy rains of earlier today obligated us to stay here longer than originally planned. I do not believe, however, that it will affect our ultimate goal of rendezvousing with you, Cousin Davey Gunn and the rest of the 77th there at Loudoun. If we can, indeed, get on our way tomorrow we should be able to get there easily in two days' time. Should the weather turn we will stop where we can find shelter until it clears. With Gloria being with child, we must necessarily take precautions we normally would not take.

Speaking of Davey Gunn and the "alleged" feud, tell him not to worry. His reputation is safe... I have spoken with TwoBottle and now know the truth of the matter, which shall remain with me, and shall never be discussed nor mentioned beyond this point. She and I are of the same mind on this one. 'Nuff said.

Quasi is travelling exceptionally well, Malcolm. He dotes on Nancy and has taken to helping Gloria as much as young Timothy does. In fact, sometimes he irritates Timothy because he gets to her first when she needs assistance, or he thinks she does. I have to laugh at Timothy when that happens! I have told him not to mind Quasi, that he is just living a part of his life he wishes with all his heart he had not thrown away, that their "condition" takes him back many years to when he was a young man...and Timothy understands, but he still gets irritated every time. It is quite amusing to watch! Nancy gets kind of a far-away look on her face and just smiles. It is as if she is thinking of something, too.

Malcolm, we will keep a sharp eye for young Private MacKay. There are many ways a lad can get himself into trouble when he's not familiar with the country. And there are enough savages lurking around who are bent on making trouble for anyone, especially strayed soldiers...The trail where it passes closest to Parnell's Ridge is as likely a spot for ambush as there is, even though it is within a few miles of Ft. Loudoun. Raiding parties can easily strike the traveller and retreat into the relative safety of the Conococheague Ridge or along the Kittatinny Summit, where they can hide in any number of hollows and cuts, and evade patrols. We will take extra care as we approach that area.

I must go and seek out a sutler who can provide us with some articles of clothing we need. Nancy has expressed a desire for a new chemise, as hers has become worn and is resisting repair. I have been told there are some nice linen ones to be had in the town. It will be a nice surprise for her!

We will be with you soon...


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