Hey Seamus................

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Posted by ThreeTales on April 19, 2000 at 16:25:44:

In Reply to: Re: Shameless Seamus posted by ThreeTales on April 19, 2000 at 04:58:09:

: : : : Wallowing Cow?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: : : : You call me this after I felt sorry for you after you had followed me for a month moaning like a bear cub after its mother. I find you smell as bad as a bear and are as hairy as one. Your new woman is going to have to look pretty hard to find what she needs and when she does it won't do her much good because it's as small as a boy's and nearly as useless. I can see why your women are so reluctant to return to you once they've 'gone over the hill.' Come near me again and I'll have a new pouch to carry things in. You should be called Shameless instead of the name your kin use.

: : : : Buffalo Woman

: : :
: : : Seamus........
: : : ManyFlags and i went to great lengths to rescue you from M. du Ranck and the Shawanese savages. You have now "stepped in it" so deep that we can not save you again. You are on your own with this Buffalo Woman person. We are watching from a distance, and will be obliged to bury your sorry bones when she is finished with you!!

: : : God save your miserable soul
: : : ThreeTales

: : Buffalo Woman, I do not know of whom you speak, or from where you speak, but I can assure you this Seamus is not the one you attack. I also know that you are not me...I AM Wallowing Cow...that is my birth name. I have had an attraction to Seamus for a long time, and because he is not attracted to me, I am the one who must initiate the action, and get him drunk so he will let his guard down. I have wanted to play "Hide the Weasel" with him for years, but he will not play. Only once did he come close to to returning my flirtations, but he was so drunk that he got into the wrong tent and ended up getting unceremoniously thrown out of it. He hasn't touched a drop of rum since, and besides he has a woman now, a dark haired English lass who he is with all the time. He will not even glance my way...but I can accept that as long as he is happy.

: : This hairy person of whom you speak cannot be this Seamus. He is smooth-skinned and fair-haired, not hairy and bad smelling as you say, and this Seamus is CERTAINLY not lightly endowed...Oh, my,no! The one of whom you speak may, indeed, be named Seamus,there are many Irishmen with that name, but it is not Seamus MacWilliam, and the man you describe certainly fits the description of an Irish Rogue. I do not believe YOU are even one of us. No Indian in Pennsylvania would ever be called Buffalo Woman...there are none of those beasts here in this colony anywhere, and no one would name a child like that here. I also would have known if you had been here, as any stranger...Indian or white...is noticed at once. I believe you speak of another...probably of the country called the Cain-tuk, and I know Seamus has never been there. I have heard tales of the white men who have ventured there. They are a rough lot, and not kind to the People at all.

: : I would advise you to look elsewhere for this hairy, bad smelling beast you speak of, for if you slander our Seamus, you will have me to face.....

: : So be it...I have spoken.

: : Wallowing Cow

: ........Yep..........deeper by the minute!!........i'm goin' to get the shovel......be right back.
: ThreeTales

::::::::hey Seamus.........how deep ya want this hole? I got Davey, Malcolm, and Many Flags standin' by with picks and shovels, we want you to be planted deep enough so's none of your disgraceful body sticks out for the varmints to pick clean.

(shaking his head to and fro)

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