The Niece and Nephew at Fort Frederick....They Meet Their Ancestors

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Posted by Druncle Mark on April 22, 2000 at 10:18:23:

"Yippeee!", shouted Hiram and Hannah. "We're here. We're here!"

"Aye, me buckos. We have arrived at Fort Frederick. Just look at those massive walls of stone and the huge bastions", said Dr. Uncle Mark.

The niece and nephew jumped out of Dr. Uncle's truck and started toward the woods surrounding the fort.

"Hey, where are you going you little savages," shouted Dr. Uncle."Let's go into the fort."

"We'll be right back, Dr. Uncle. We're going into the woods to look at that big tree. Then we'll come in at the gate," Hiram shouted back.
Dr. Uncle Mark walked into the fort. The huge walls, dark and forboding surrounded him. He eyed the two barracks, one on either side and imagined his ancestors marching back and forth on the parade ground. Then he heard a scream from Hannah.

"Dr. Uncle, come quick!"

Dr. Uncle Mark rushed out of the gates and the nephew and niece ran into his arms. A look of fright was on their faces and they were breathing very fast.

"We saw him! We saw him!" Hannah cried.

"Who did you see, dearie. Tell your Uncle Mark!"

Hiram took a deep breath. "Well, we ran to the big tree and when we got there, we saw a red leaf on the ground. Hannah went to pick it up, when.....when we saw him. You won't believe it, Dr. Uncle. We saw that savage Red Leaf. He was standing over us with his tomahawk. Honest, Dr. Uncle!"

"Now, hold on there Lad. Are you sure? Tell me everything!"

Hannah gripped Dr. Uncle's hand. "There's more Dr. Uncle Mark. We were frozen with terror, when we heard sheep. Yes, yes! And there running through the woods was an army of sheep with Uncle Angus. Just like we always believed he would look. Bonnet on his head and kilt around his knee. Red Leaf took one look at him and he ran off through the woods."
"Dr. Uncle," said Hiram. "there's more. When we saw all this happen, we turned to run back here to the fort to you and, well, you won't believe this. We saw Malcolm and Davey and Flags, Tales, Seamus, and Uncle Quasi. We saw everyone! They were standing at the gate halloooing to us. Telling us to hurry back to our Dr. Uncle. What a sight it was, Dr. Uncle. They were all right here!"

Hannah interrupted. "I know, Dr. Uncle, you probably don't believe us. But we saw them all. What a sight they were! Just like you've told us. It was real! We know it was."

Dr. Uncle sighed. "Well, now. I probably do believe you. These ancestors of yours were strong folk. And I wouldn't doubt that their spirits are still here, here at Fort Frederick where they came to defend the frontier. To think, that you actually saw the elusive Uncle Angus; and that he saved your lives. Well, come on. Let's look over the fort and tell me more of what your ancestors were like."

Dr. Uncle Mark, the nephew and niece turned and walked across the parade ground. All at once, Dr. Uncle stopped and cocked his head to one side. He listened for a moment, then looked quizically at Hiram and Hannah.

The nephew and niece, together, whispered, "Did you hear that, Dr. Uncle? Did you hear the sheep?"

Dr. Uncle smiled, "Aye, me Lad and Lass. I not only heard the sheep, but I heard a shout of 'Pax Aye! Pax Aye!' Yes, me buckos, THEY are here. Every one of them!"

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