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Posted by She-Who-Cries-And-Keeps-Count-of-WarmBodies on April 25, 2000 at 10:44:04:

In Reply to: Re: The Tale Part III posted by Doc M on April 25, 2000 at 09:45:36:

Hello Dear Doc M!

Ah, you had your nectar, but I did not have enough coffee!!!!!!!
Here I am, in my best Donna Quixote mode, battling with the wind mills!

And I do want to write a very articulate, long winded tale with wrods containing lotsa multi-syllables and no typos...

One hint: for whatever reason, once I made up my mind to finally fulfill my lifelong wish of a publishing house, all roads led to LOTMLand with Elaine as the Co-Captain.
It really is quite strange, you know. I mean, here I had my other company, launched right after my parents' parting, in their memory, in 1993, and named The Lady of the Unicorn because The Lady is the Universal Mother, Friend, Comfort-Giver and Healer... however, The Lady, although she was quite willing to help me fulfill my calling, was soon after trapped and distracted.
After years of being dragged in the complete opposite direction, in the year of our Lord 1999, I began to reconsider my publishing dream once again. It was when Hollis Books of Virgina, bought my life's work, The Horseman, which is the lead of the series Lands of the Morning. Soon HB's owners and your's truly began talking partnership. However, though everything seemed quite pleasant and trustworthy, the operative word here was "seemed."
After many a twisted turns, in December of 1999 I decided to go solo. I could have used The Lady of the Unicorn Inc. as the company, but decided to open another one instead. At considerable expense, naturally, but this seemed to be the right thing to do. The Lady of the Unicorn had been captured and tormented for too long, and for her to regain her independence, she needed another champion. So, The Rose was launched in memory of my dear departed mother-in-law, Rose McKee, and also because The Rose is the flower which blooms at Mother Mary's feet at each turn of the rosary offered in sincere prayer.
Well, guess what, immediately after The Rose hit dire straits, which I believe I mentioned in one of my earlier posts - The January 7, 2000, disaster.
At that time, as I mentioned before, Elaine was one of the two souls I confided in, and the main soul who kept me afloat.
However, there is more to it, which I want to elaborate on this Sunday.
As Elaine mentioned in her recent post, I am indeed a writer/journalist/editor with a long history. My father was a writer and journalist, and so was my mother. Fate never allowed my mother to respond to her calling. Or perhaps because she was so multi-talented, from opera singer to model to a brief career in Italy as a film actress, she then was so overloaded with helping my father reply to the urge of HIS calling... well, he fought for the indepence of Kosova and freedom of Albania... throughout three continents... that Her talents, her calling, her dreams and ambitions simple fell apart....

Anyhow, the reason I mention this is I really walked a long road inlaid with razorblades, and when time came to tackle what I need to do, Elaine was there.
Wny her, and not one of my other colleagues, scattered upon 3 continents? Yes, she is actually as knowledgeable and energetic as the best of them ... but her talents have not been utilized until now, or not until the umbrella of "journalist" "editor" "Pr. person".
In other words, I could have done this partnership with a colleague from Tercuman or Hurriyet (Turkish dailies) or Illyria (an Albanian-American newspaper) or The Turkish Times (THE Turkish-American newspaper published out of Washington D.C) or even a friend/colleague from The New York Daily News, or Fiction Writer's Magazine... or... or... or....
And yet, all the roads led to LOTMLand and to Elaine Federici.
They really did LEAD to her. This was not envisioned, dreamed of, planned. Evn though we knew each other via the Board since 1997, and I did respect her writing skills and knowledge.
Yesterday, she posted 'imploring' the LOTMers to visit our House. Hmmm, I thought, I wish she did not have to do that. I wish the visitors came on their own, curious and friendly strollers who come by for a cup of virtual coffee, glass of tea, and a browse through the aisles.
And also, I wish I did not have to ring my bell on Sunday, imploring LOTMers to read her Pax Papers.
I think one of the reasons we came together, was for her to soul to reach out to everyone through her Pax Papers. There you will meet the Elaine Federici you did not get to meet in the daily realm of LOTMLand. Again, I think this is what Fate had in mind when, sometime in the third part of 1997, the waves of my cyber-surfing beached me upon the shores of LOTMLand.

To be continued on Sunday....

Fate's Obedient Agent, The TowneCrier

: : Empty Board, wide open vistas for crying out loud....
: : Herewith, my friends, you are on notice that this Sunday, I shall post Part III of The Tale.
: : Yes, it is a long one, hence the installments.

: : PS: Have you done your citizenly duty re. The Falls?

: : Thank you.

: : TC

: Well geez, Vita -- with all this space available, why not
: post a little bit now?? Huh? Huh? I've had my morning
: intravenous infusion of the black nectar and now feel
: able to read actual sentences, long as you don't use
: them multi-syllable words.

: Doc M

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