Welcome To The Mohican Board!

This is still, and always will be, a public forum to discuss The Last of the Mohicans. That subject alone is fairly broad, and can include, but is not limited to, any of the themes found throughout this Web Site, i.e.: the film, cast, script, locations, novel, history, etc. Other examples? The cast or crew’s other works, James Fenimore Cooper and his legacy, the historical participants, and the social & cultural mores that shaped them, are all within the desired framework. The list goes on. Be creative!

Now, in an effort to broaden the appeal of this Board, we invite you to discuss anything related to life on the frontier in the Americas. This will naturally, oftentimes, include the clash of cultures between the European Americans and the resident Native Americans.

This Board is not meant to be a political forum, though if the discussion pertains to The Last Of The Mohicans or the struggles & life ways along the frontier, it may naturally progress into social and political realms. We welcome all opinions on these matters, however, should anyone persist in making over-zealous, inflammatory statements at the expense of others, be prepared to be challenged on your remarks. Please be civil in your dealings with your fellow posters or consider going elsewhere.

This forum is NOT intended to be a soapbox for hidden agendas nor is it to be used as a platform for espousing revisionist history. Posts deemed to be along those lines will be removed.

This Web Site was created to be FUN! Our hope is that the expanded discussion on this Board will enhance that fun while providing a healthy & balanced exchange of ideas. Maintain your humor, please!

Due mainly to space considerations, this Mohican Board will periodically be cleaned and maintained. We will purge messages based on relevancy and age. Please remember to keep your messages related to the topics. Please avoid vulgarities & obscenities. At times, we may utilize information in the form of Mohican Musings. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All that, of course, originated on our old Mohican Board and much still applies, especially the courtesy part. However, while still the focus is on The Last of the Mohicans and colonial America, we've greatly expanded to include just about anything. All we ask is to try to post in the proper forum. So, from International politics to friendly chit-chat, it's all pretty much fair game. As for Archiving, that is a much simpler process now. We will archive, as the need arises, but deletions will be kept at a minimun. Have fun & be a positive part of the MohicanLand Community!

Thanks for visiting & Happy Trails!