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All things must pass away ...

And so it is with my involvement with the Mohican Gatherings. There will be no "maybe" and other waffling-type terms this time. My long - as in several years - inner - and, sometimes not-so - debate on this issue has reached a conclusion: The 2004 GREAT MOHICAN GATHERING will be my last. Mohican Press will no longer organize the event.

It has been great fun - much more than that, really , and I have very few regrets - but it is time, for me, to pass the torch, or barring takers, to snuff the flames completely. It has become a nearly year-round planning event and it just isn't worth all the time & effort - and slighting of the other of my life's responsibilities - to carry this on for such a small core of attendees. There is nothing in it for me, yet I spend unGodly numbers of hours concerned with it. Cajoling, prodding, BEGGING  ... the cost - in all areas - of putting together a Mohican Gathering is no longer worth the rewards for me. That is sad - for the rewards were once very great. I am too weary to continue with this project ... 6, I am afraid, is enough. Six years of Gatherings ... for all its great rewards, and there were many ... has cost me plenty ... in money, in time, and even in friendships.

That is as simply as I can put it. The event is much too complicated now. As one of the few remaining constants - from the beginning & through it all - I bear much, if not all, the responsibility for whatever it has become.

I am sorry; this time, I need to put "me" first. It can go on ... I encourage it to go on ... it just needs someone[s] to run with it. I will be happy to provide contacts , web space, whatever, to a known individual or group who wishes to keep it alive. It is a unique event, one filled with many joys ... it is, I feel, in need of a fresh outlook & overhaul.

For me, though, come June 26, 2004, it is over. It has to be. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the memories.

I do not wish to burn bridges, what the future holds is not known to me, but, for now ...

Keep In Mind:

  • This is not to be confused with a somewhat similar message several years ago that was somehow [possibly by my choice of words] misconstrued to mean "definite" when I was really saying "maybe." This time, I do mean "definite."

  • No party, or parties, are responsible for this. It is a decision that comes from within. I mean to lay no guilt trips on anyone!

  • I say I will no longer be involved in future planning. No where did I say I would not attend!

Why now?

I hear you asking ... As I see it, I had three options:

  • Now

  • Later, but before the Gathering

  • Later, but after the Gathering

Now just seemed better. For those who are saddened by this decision, it gives time to reconcile your feelings and make this Gathering a celebration. It allows everyone to know it is the last - as we know it today - and to enjoy it as such. And, it gives me a sense of relief to get the decision & announcement over with. I have thought long & hard, and it feels better to have finally come to grips.

See you in June!

Rich ... February 4, 2004

NOTE: The Mohican Board and this Web Site will go on, as always, into the foreseeable future.

July 17, 2004 UPDATE!

There is an informal "committee" already planning to carry on this event, so don't despair! At this point, looking like a 4 day every-other-year Mohican Gathering. See Our Mohican Board  for news & updates!

November 11, 2005 UPDATE!

2006 GREAT MOHICAN GATHERING is in the planning stages by an "ad-hoc" committee of experienced Gatherers ... this would make the 7th Annual Gathering! Interested? Let 'em know! See: 2006 Gathering Attendees!

June 24, 2006 UPDATE!

Looks like a Gathering in these hills is going to happen in 2008! Stay tuned ... 2008 Gathering!

January 11, 2009 UPDATE!

Committee status for a possible 2010 Gathering is up-in-the-air.

January 30, 2010 UPDATE!

2010 registrations begin!  ... 2010 Gathering!

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