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We get e-mail. BOY do we get e-mail! We get junk e-mail. LOTS of junk e-mail! We get a whole bunch of really nice letters, complimenting one aspect or another of this Site. Sometimes we get critical e-mail. Some of that is constructive; some of it is just plain nasty. We often times are asked questions, most of which are intelligent, sincere, & fun to answer. Then, too, we get asked many of the same questions over & over & over & over again. It took us 3 years, but we finally came up with the novel idea of making up our own FAQ's page. Long overdue, yes, but better late than never they say ... One word of explanation: Some of these questions are asked in various ways. Sometimes they are sincere requests. Sometimes they are not. At times, they are quite nasty, hostile even! Read the answers with that in mind!

All in all, we hope that you find this useful ... or funny ... or SOMETHING!

  • Who is Mohican Press?
    Quite simply, Mohican Press is a Mom & Pop operation, Elaine & Rich. Over the course of time, we have had a great many important & talented contributors who have greatly enhanced our work. When all is said & done, however, the Site is ours. If we rub you the wrong way, take your wrath out on us!


  • We really like your film ...
    WHOA! Hold it right there! It isn't OUR film. We're just "fans,"  like you, who got just a tad carried away!


  • So why, then, the seemingly unnatural fascination with this movie? It is ONLY a movie!
    Well, we don't know, exactly. We have a fascination with the time period. As a film, we think it exquisitely done. Perhaps the best explanation of our reasons for being so involved with this subject can be found here on the Web Site, at: FROM THE MOHICANS' LAND TO MOHICANLAND.


  • Why wasn't the REAL Fort William Henry & Lake George used in the filming
    Two reasons actually. Have you ever BEEN to the actual, historical, locations? Far too overcrowded to shoot a film that takes place in the 1757 wilderness. Then, too, it's a lot cheaper to shoot a film in North Carolina than it is in New York.


  • Where can I purchase the soundtrack?
    Check out our MOHICAN PRESS BOOK SHOPPE. There you can find all kinds of LOTM related books, videos & CDs.


  • Where can I find the sheet music to the soundtrack?
    Boy, now THIS is probably our MOST frequently asked question! Unfortunately, the answer seems to be that there is no sheet music of this soundtrack available at this time. UPDATE! SEE: MUSICAL MUSINGS - Main Title


  • What's this about a Great Mohican Gathering? Seems strange!
    Not at all. A bunch of people, with a common interest, met on the Internet. Eventually the urge to actually meet one another in person became too strong ... thus, a Great Mohican Gathering was born. It serves not only that function, but also allows fans of the film to visit the gorgeous places that served as the film's setting.


  • Will there be a "Gathering" next year?
    At this time, that is completely up in the air. It has become an almost year round organizational project for us. Right now, we simply want to enjoy THIS Gathering! Any future announcement of a next Great Mohican Gathering can be found at our GREAT MOHICAN GATHERINGS ... Past, Present & Future pages.


  • Why do you perpetuate the myth that there are no more Mohicans?
    Never thought that was what we were doing! In fact, quite the opposite. It is a MYTH that James Fenimore Cooper believed that there were no more Mohican Indians. In his story, his Mohican characters SYMBOLIZE the dying RACE of people that Cooper perceived to be disappearing. His story has contributed greatly to the Mohican name enduring for all time. Our Web Site is about a film named after a novel of the same name. We have made it clear that Mohican Indians do indeed exist today. For more info: THE MOHICANS ... Children of the Delaware


  • Why do you romanticize a piece of fiction?
    We can romanticize anything we like. One is grossly mistaken, however, when they write off LOTM as a piece of fiction ... and no more. It is most definitely HISTORICAL fiction. A fictional story set in a real historical setting. In the film, great pains were taken to ensure historical accuracy ... to a degree, of course. First, and foremost, The Last of the Mohicans is a piece of art. Anyone who asks the above two questions has obviously not really looked over our Web Site.


  • How can I contact Mark A. Baker about his book, "Sons Of A Trackless Forest"?
    We offer "Sons of a Trackless Forest" as a courtesy to Mark who has made some excellent contributions to our Site. We don't actually sell the book. You purchase directly from Baker's Trace Publishing and all contacts should be made through them. See:  SONS OF A TRACKLESS FOREST ... by MARK A BAKER CURRENTLY OUT-OF-PRINT!


  • I would like to purchase bask issues of AHG. How?
    Again, our AHG page is a courtesy to Stephanie Gritts as a thank you for her solid support of what we do. All purchases of back issues of that publication are made directly through AHG. Please see: AHG/AIE NEWSLETTER BACK ISSUES


  • I am writing a report for a class on [fill in the blank]. I need all the information on [fill in the blank] ASAP. Can you send it? Please include photos!
    You know what? We used to try to seriously answer these people. We really did! Now, mostly, they go straight to the trash. It is amazing, though I guess not all that surprising, that people actually ask this kind of question, but they do ... frequently. So, our answer now?
    It took a lot of hard work & dedication to build this Web Site. It should take you the same to write your paper. We are not a research company. Read the book; watch the movie. Then, search our Site. There's a bunch of information here that can serve as a foundation for your work, but we're not going to spoon feed you. Start with the
    MOHICAN MUSINGS INDEX. Try the HISTORY & THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS ... Seeing Through the Distant Haze section. These, plus our links, ought to put you firmly on the path to a successful paper. You WILL, however, have to supply the elbow grease!


  • Can I use some of the images from your site?
    Generally speaking, yes, if you give credit & if the picture(s) will be used for non-commercial purposes. Contact us about the specific image you are referring to, though, as there are some which were supplied to us from third parties for exclusive use on this Site. We are not always in a position to grant permission in those cases. We have allowed use of our photos in many instances, some even in commercial ventures, so it is best to approach us with your specific situation.


  • I need to talk with Eric Schweig. Can you send me his e-mail address ... etc. etc.?
    No! First of all, he has no e-mail address. Secondly, and please understand this, we are not his Fan Club. We do not provide autographed photographs, contact information, or news of a personal nature. If you want to purchase a mask or pendant created by the ARTIST, Eric Schweig, this is the place. (Note: Or, rather WAS) As a tie-in, we put up news of his professional career as he gives it to us. (Note: Or, rather DID) And even if we WERE his Fan Club, the man deserves his privacy. We would not set up personal meetings of any kind. Period.


  • Why don't you represent Mr. Schweig any longer?
    A question for another day  ... What we do have to say on the subject can, for the time being, be found at: SINCE YOU'VE ASKED



  • Why don't you people get a life?
    We have a life, thank you very much. Please get on with yours!


  • Do you own any LOTM film props?
    The only film prop we own is Soldier #2 (Eric Hurley). We had once owned Soldier #1 (Curtis Gaston) but were forced to trade him in.


  • How can I FIND anything on this Site?
    Well, for a general overview, go to: NAVIGATING THIS SITE. For a page-by-page listing, use the Table of Contents button found at the bottom of every page. For a specific topic, use our MOHICAN PRESS SEARCH ENGINE. You should be able to find anything on this Site with one of those tools!


  • While reading through the Mohican Board ARCHIVED MESSAGES, I've seen reference to SYMTs & GGGGs. What does that mean?
    These "in-fun" terms derive from an outbreak of insanity on our Board back in December 1997, where posters split into "factions" based on age ... the very unclear dividing point being somewhere between 40 & 50 years of age. Those at the lower end were Sweet Young Mohican Things. The, believe it or not, more numerous elders were Geritol Gulping Gramps & Grannies. And there you go!


  • Are LOTM movie posters still available? And, where might I find one?
    Yes, they are available! Where, is a good question. Every year, at our Mohican Gathering, there are some donated for our raffles. You might want to try posting on our Mohican WWWBoard with your request. eBay, or a similar auction site, could also turn out to be a good source. 

  Try Here!
Buy Posters at


  • How can we receive a link from the Mohican Press site?
    We freely link to other sites, as anyone who visits our Links Pages can see. Sometimes, we'll link with or without a reciprocal link. One thing we are cutting back on is straight "fan" sites, unless there is something very unique about it. So, please don't feel insulted if we turn you down. We have our reasons & they're not personal! If you have a site, in some way related to The Last of the Mohicans, and you'd like to receive, or exchange, a link, simply send your request to us via E-Mail. We'll definitely consider it!


  • I see Colm Meany's name in the credits, but can't find him in the film. Where is he?
    Colm Meany, of "Star Trek" fame, was scripted in LOTM as Sergeant Ambrose, of the 60th Regiment. Most of his work was either cut or never filmed. His voice can be heard barking orders. You can spot him just prior to The George Road Ambush early in the film. As Magua turns to walk back towards the column of British soldiers, the camera catches Meany for a moment ... he's in front of the marching company of soldiers.


  • Do you provide larger, or higher resolution, pictures than what you have up on the site?
    No, pretty much what you see is what you get!



  • Where is the Mohican Board?
    Right here:



~~~~ More ... as they come to us! ~~~~



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