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This is a photo gallery of Mohicanites! Hopefully, we'll be able to include EVERYONE who was there ... if you see someone missing, and you have their photo, PLEASE get in touch!

Some of the additional photos on this page are courtesy of Jo & David Tishler, Carol O'Connor and Marcia Meara!

Below the Gallery can be found two personal perspectives of life inside the bunkhouse from Soldier #2 & The Dutch Trader.



Carol (Pennsylvania)


Ilse (Holland)


Chris (Alaska)


Emily (Texas)


Donna (Vermont)

John E.

John E. (Ohio)


Caitlin (Indiana) - pronounced Cut-Lean


Myrrh (Oregon)


Marcia (Florida)


Susan (North Carolina)

Glenn & Lynn

Glenn & Lynn (Ohio)

John H.

John H. (Georgia)


Ros (New Jersey)

Patty & Doug

Patty & Doug (Florida)

Rich & Elaine

Elaine & Rich (New York/North Carolina)

Mary, Kathie & Karen

The Infamous Sisters Of Jo: Mary, Karen & Kathie (California)


Steve (North Carolina) - Colm Meany's Stand-In!


Natasha (Greece via Illinois)

Linda & Kelli

Linda & Kelli (Ohio)

Joyce & Jeanette

Joyce & Jeanette (South Carolina)

Eric & Sharon

Eric & Sharon (North Carolina)

Jay & Sherry

Jay & Sherry (North Carolina)



... by SOLDIER # 2 (Eric A. Hurley)

Upon arriving at Chimney Rock Park, Sharon and Eric were to pick up the keys to the bunkhouse. After searching for the office, for days and days it seemed, they found the key was picked up by Marcia and Myrrh, or so they were told. The bunkhouse was not across the street like they were told by CRP. It was really across and down a little and can't be seen from CRP entrance. They found the bunkhouse, met Marcia, Myrrh and Ilse, and found they don't have the key either. Lucky for them the bunkhouse was open and had just been cleaned. Marcia is off to find the key and Eric is ordered to put on uniform and become SOLDIER # TWWWWWWOOOO!!!!, and must take to the streets in search of the lost and helpless. There he met many people happy to see him. How often do you see a lobster standing on the street in the middle of Chimney Rock Village. And yes, Jo and her sisters came screeching to a halt, with music of LOTM blaring in the car, and Mary asked, "Which one is Jo?" After standing for three and half hour in the hot blazing sun on hot concrete with all types of people from who knows where, not necessarily there for the Gathering, and having to smile and hold it for long periods of time, he is finally allowed to eat at one of the local restaurants with the other Gatherers. Due to the large number of Gatherers they closed the doors for lack of tables and chairs ... having good ole fashioned greasy hamburgers, hot-dogs, and chicken.

We all moseyed back to the bunkhouse to meet new people and to show off and enjoy tons of newspapers and pictures, magazines and stories while learning sign and having fun. Some of us decided to go outside for a smoke and talk of how Chimney Rock looks more like a women's biggest fantasy than a chimney. By eleven PM, lights went out and people were snoring. On two sides, you have women only, on the other, you had coed ... the more fun side. By four or five am, sounds of the ghost of Gatherings past were heard. NOT!! Darlene decided to tone her acting skills by re-enacting Uncas' climb up the mountain by falling out of her bunk after returning from releasing all the good food she ate. With only minor scratches and bruises, she was given a bedroom in the back, all to herself. By six am, some were up and scrounging for food. Soldier #2 again is called to the set. "Jump on your bicycle and find food, I want mountain pancakes," Mighty Mohican Mama Marcia ordered. So off he went in search of food. After finding the right restaurant and returning, Soldier #2 and Sharon, on trusty bicycles, race with Marcia to the restaurant.

The second night, so much more quiet ... only sounds are heard from Myrrh and Darlene as they watched LOTM on the bunkhouse TV and Rich's borrowed VCR. Sounds of quotes were the only thing heard till 3 am. By 7 am, we were awaken by moans, grunts and pains shooting through our bodies. The dead have awoke. A few chose to forego the day by staying in bed. Others raced off to Linville Falls.

Not a sound was heard by the 3rd night as the dead, beat, bruised, scratched, bug bitten Mohicanites fell in their beds and stayed as they laid.



... by The DUTCH TRADER (Ilse Maan)

What is a bunkhouse? Well, a bunkhouse (Chimney Rock style) is a place, with two dorms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a huge kitchen. A good place, but not fit for everyone, as the story will prove. Good enough for a Dutch trader, for sure. But I am getting ahead...

Somehow this could not be real, I thought. Here I was on a plane heading out to North Carolina to go to a Last of the Mohicans Gathering? Nee, nacko, nada, I thought. It is probably all a hoax. I'll be there and nobody else will be, I thought. Somebody will have put up a sign at the airport saying: GOTCHA!!!! Did you really think this stuff is for real?

Well, it was! What a relief when I was picked up by Marcia and Myrrh. Barely fitted into Marcia's car though. They probably had 3/4 of both their houses with them. Swiftly we drove up to Chimney Rock Park. Well... swiftly.. a little detour... via Waco...hmmm... I don't really know my way around in the US.... Waco ... What was it about that place? Waco?

Even going by Waco, we arrived early at the Bunkhouse. Nobody was there yet so we waited for the Keeper of the Key, Soldier #2, who showed up soon with Sharon. We had some interesting conversation there; I didn't understand a word Eric said because of his southern accent; he didn't understand a word I said, because of my Dutch accent! Sharon couldn't even read my lips, the way I talked. It surely destroyed my self image of being a good English speaker! Well, we got used to each other in time. Poor Soldier #2! He had to put on his uniform and stand all day in the burning sun and meet & greet! Though I must agree with Sharon, you do look smashing in that uniform!

Friday was to be an afternoon and evening of meet & greet. It was so good to see these people in person. You think you know everybody, but .... fortunately, they were even crazier up close. Imagine meeting the likes of Marcia, Myrrh, Carol, Chris, Lynn, Glenn, Dar, Wendy, Eric, Sharon, Donna, John, Ros, Emily, Kevin (and whomever I forget here, nothing personal!). And if that is not mindboggling enough, Jo & her sisters, Mary, Kathie and Karen. And that was only the first night. More were expected to arrive next morning.

Thanks to Lynn and Glenn, yours truly got her first (and last!) taste of fried onions. Man... more deeply stirring to my stomach than any imagining, etc. Nice touch though, to see a restaurant called "Duncan's Barbecue" next door. Gets you in the mood right away!

First night. Staying out, looking at the Chimney Rock at sunset. They put lights on it at night. Makes you see the thing better. That is the weirdest looking chimney I have ever seen. Maybe Picasso designed it. CHIMNEY Rock, yeah right...., well you can't call it what it looks like, I suppose. Sorry Eric. I know you will never look at that rock again the same way, now that we have put all those other filthy, tasteless pictures in your head, hehe. A dirty mind is a joy forever!

We had to get up at 6, so I set my alarm clock (a good trader always comes prepared and well stocked). It wouldn't have been necessary, since Dar was kind enough to wake us all up in time, by falling out of the top bunk. I have heard there are rumors she was pushed. This is obviously an infamous lie, and for once and all, I will set the record straight. The simple truth is that Dar was hit by a tornado storm created by Mohican Mama MMMMMarcia's Furious Fan that was blowing away like madness to keep our Mama cool and calm. Dar was caught in the middle and got blown out of bed. Now is that so hard to believe? Really, there is no need for conspiracy theories here. Things like this happen every day.

Saturday June 20 saw 3 members, who will remain anonymous, because they were Glenn, Lynn and Donna, of the colonial militia, deserting to better accommodations. Couldn't stomach Dar's wake up calls, probably. Fortunately, 3 fresh recruits, also anonymous, so they were Natasha, Emi and Kamil, arrived the same day to take their place. The famous blooper at the cinema happened; some were inconsolable. Soldier #2 saved the day and magically managed to turn up a video player from somewhere (of course by now it is known where it came from; so much for magic in the bunkhouse). The movie played that night, and the early morning revealed 2 huddled figures, obviously remaining anonymous, since they were Myrrh and Dar, on the couch, close to the TV, happily snoring side by side. So cute... They had missed all the rest of the excitement though!

In the meantime a battle for the bathrooms had been taking place on all fronts. The early signs had been there all along. Face it, when the showers turn cold or weak, when other taps or showers are turned on, there is a potential for trouble. It all started off with some crude females (the writer of this report included) walking in on our most innocent participant (a very young man from Turkey) while he was taking a shower, which was a tremendous shock to the poor guy. After his nerves were somehow settled again and some bathroom regulations were formulated, one of the bathrooms turned out to have been claimed by the biggest cockroach I have ever seen. Jo's sisters were not impressed, though, and pounded the SOB to dust.

Sunday June 21. Uneventful, as far as bunkhouse life is concerned. Rich and Eric are to blame for that, since they worked us soooo hard that day, nobody seemed to have energy left for some wars or other mischief. The trek to Table Rock left some scars on some people judging by the moans and groans heard in the night. Too bad our planned bonfire was torpedoed by the cinema blooper of the night before. I am sure there would have been a lot more to tell. Oh well there is always next year. You might ask: Will you put yourself through that next year? The answer is: HELL YEAH!!!!

Thanks to everybody who was there; love you all and can't wait for the next gathering!


John Evans' Hawkeye Sketch

One of John Evans' LOTM-themed sketches raffled off at The Great Mohican Gathering.







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