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Soldier #1, otherwise known as Curtis Gaston, has offered to share the reminiscences of his experiences on the set of The Last of the Mohicans with us all. He was in on the filming from mid-May through the last day, which was in October, so he has a wealth of memories. He climbed the Hollywood pecking order, rising from an extra to a featured extra, and finally becoming a scripted character. We've put a page together for you that presently features many behind-the-scenes photos and the first three installments of the good Soldier's recollections. Enjoy!

Soldier #2, Eric Hurley, sat with us in our home for a few hours the night of April 25, 1998. We expected to do an interview with him. Eric made our jobs very easy, as all we had to do, basically, was prompt him. The information then spewed forth. We believe that you will find this "interview" with this most personable, humorous & genuine young man THE definitive LOTM tale to date. Enjoy!

Curtis Gaston [with Steven Waddington]
35th Regiment of Foot
Ecic Hurley

It should also be noted that these perceptions and opinions are those of Curtis & Eric, gained by first hand interaction with the entire filming process.

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