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The Story Behind the Story ... History and The Last of the Mohicans

This section will be featuring recent photos of many of the historic sites spotlighted in The Last of the Mohicans. In addition, there are biographies of the true life characters, historical retellings of some of the events in the book/film, information on James Fenimore Cooper, and more. The links above are some of the highlights ... you will discover more subject matter as you browse.

These pages are designed to give a brief introduction to the history behind LOTM and the French & Indian War in a readily available ... and easily digestible ... format ... the Internet. However, they are not meant as a substitute to the value of reading about this historical period personally. There are hundreds of fine books dealing with this subject. We encourage you to seek them out. History through fiction is a great window to a whole other world!

You can find extensive lists of F & I War books on many sites, including some we've linked to. Realizing, however, that many of you are seeking more information and have questions pertaining to this period, we've 'hired' a professional historian!

Major George Bray is an author, historian, and French & Indian War re-enactor. He has graciously taken the time to answer our endless questions! His help has been invaluable and very much appreciated. If you're seeking answers please e-mail him at: george@frontiernet.net

He will be more than happy to help with research questions or steer you in the right direction. Interested in finding out more about re-enacting? He can help with that as well!

Many thanks to our official LOTM historian!

Note: Any errors, biases, or lies found within these histories are our own! Unless otherwise noted, all text pages on this site are authored by Mohican Press.

Fort Necessity - Don Griffing Painting
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