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Cattails Some Suggested TitlesCattails



Below you will find a selection of books, videos & CDs relating, in some way, to The Last of the Mohicans. We've put together a list to include a complete LOTM collection, period history, Indian/colonial crafts and customs, and various titles we think may be of interest. Simply click on the title to find out more about the selection. With the exception of our own book, and Mark Baker's "Sons Of A Trackless Forest," all titles listed are purchased directly through Amazon Books.



- REVISED - On The Trail Of The Last Of The Mohicans On The Trail ... Cover - Our own photographic guide booklet to ALL the sites used as film locations in the 1992 version of LOTM. Includes 61+ images of the locations, concise directions to reaching each site, plus a guide to accommodations in the area. The complete guide!



Sons Of A Trackless Forest Sons Of A Trackless Forest Cover CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT - In depth examination of the Hawkeye prototypes ... the long hunters of the Middle Ground ... by the man who trained DDL on the use of the musket, Mark A. Baker.


A Collection for the True LOTM Fan!

The Best Of The Best!


The Last Of The Mohicans: A Narrative Of 1757 LOTM Cover - A hardbound version of James Fenimore Cooper's classic novel, which includes a variety of beautiful color drawings by N.C. Wyeth.

The Last of the Mohicans (soft cover) - A quality 1990 paperback edition from Oxford University Press.

The Last of the Mohicans (1992) - Letterbox Version VHS Tape ... the 1992 film adaptation directed by Michael Mann.

The Last of the Mohicans (1936) - A colorized VHS Tape of the classic version starring Randolph Scott. Screenplay by Philip Dunne.

The Last of the Mohicans (1920 - DVD) - Early silent version of the classic. Yes, Boris Karloff is in there ... somewhere!

The Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack (CD) - Original Audio CD

  Re-done, second-party, version of the LOTM Soundtrack!

1. Main Title
2. Elk Hunt
3. Bridge At Lacrosse
4. Garden Scene
5. Ambush
6. Glade, The
7. Fort Battle
8. Courier, The
9. Kiss, The
10. Stockade
11. Massacre
12. Ascent / Pursuit
13. Promontory
14. Top Of The World

Gold Star Gold Star

ORDER DIRECT FROM THE BAND! Blue Ridge Brass Band, featured performers at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina - CD contains The Gael - includes the Montreat Scottish Pipes and Drums!


Gold Star The Daniel Day-Lewis Collection Gold Star



1997 collaboration with director Jim Sheridan ... their third effort together! Co-stars Emily Watson & Brian Cox.

Based on Arthur Miller's 1953 play, this 1996 Wide Screen version of the tale ... the Salem Witch Hunt ... co-stars Winona Ryder.

The Age of Innocence - 1994 VHS Video version of Martin Scorcese's film adaptation of Edith Wharton's classic.

My Left Foot -1990 VHS Video version. Daniel Day-Lewis' Oscar winning performance as the cerebral palsy stricken artist Christy Brown is stunning.

DVD version! 

Name of Father In the Name of the Father (Video) - VHS Video version. Teamed up with Irish Director Jim Sheridan, fellow LOTM actor Pete Postlethwaite, and LOTM theme composer Trevor Jones, Day-Lewis' performance as the wrongly imprisoned Gerry Conlon is typically top rate.

In the Name of the Father (Soft Cover) Gold Star In the Name of the Father (CD)


Gold Star Madeleine Stowe Gold Star

Madeleine Stowe, Mel Gibson ... A Vietnam classic!




John Travolta ... Bruce Willis ... Brad Pitt ...Aidan Quinn ... Richard Dreyfuss ... Emilio Estevez ... some of the leading men in some of Miss Cora Munro's OTHER films. Check out Madeleine Stowe in these, a few of her best!


Gold Star Wes Studi and Eric Schweig Gold Star

Navajo Tribal Police Officer Jim Chee and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn investigate murders that lead them into spine-tingling and mystical world of Navajo witchcraft. Three unsolved homicides and an attempt on Chee's life have left the Navajo Tribal Police baffled. Are the murders somehow connected ...?
PBS-television special starring Wes Studi [based on the Tony Hillerman novel]!


Type-cast? Not Wes. Enjoy these films with Wes Studi in roles miles apart from Magua!

Crazy Horse - 1996 VHS Video  

Read the book upon which the movie was based. This 50th Anniversary Special edition of Mari Sandoz's "Crazy Horse; Strange Man Of The Oglalas" is a must read for anyone interested in the life of Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse; Strange Man ...

Geronimo - DVD version. Wes Studi as the legendary Apache Geronimo.


Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star

Broken Chain - 1994 VHS Video version. Eric Schweig and Wes Studi in a film about Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant and the decline of the Iroquois Confederacy.

Follow the River (Video) - Follow River Starring Eric Schweig and co-starring Mike Kanentakeron, this 1995 VHS Video is an adaptation of Thom's book (see below). Filmed in North Carolina - LOTM country!

Follow the River - 1996 paperback edition. Written by James Alexander Thom, "Follow the River" is the true story of Mary Ingles' captivity and determination to find her way home again. Captured by the Shawnee in 1755, Mary was forced to march from her Virginia home to far off Ohio, giving birth along the way. Strong willed and homesick, Mary and a fellow woman captive agree to make their escape. The trail homeward is wrought with tribulation; starvation, discovery, and threat of cannibalism.

More Eric Schweig Videos:

Pontiac Moon || Tom and Huck || By Way Of The Stars

500 Nations || Dead Man's Walk || Big Eden || Skins


... A third Mike Kanentakeron film shot in North Carolina; "Tecumseh: The Last Warrior."  LOTM's Huron Sachem appeared in this 1995 film as "Change Of Feathers."



Gold Star Jodhi May Gold Star

A classic, psychological thriller, The Turn of the Screw ... a Masterpiece Theater 2000 original.


Gold Star Russell Means Gold Star

Regarding films dealing with the American Indian, Russell Means, who does voice-over in this Disney production, calls Pocahontas, "the best one of them all!"

Gold Star Steven Waddington Gold Star


Two classic tales, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (above) & Ivanhoe (below), brought to life with the aid of fine British actor, Steven Waddington. Waddington is the lead in Ivanhoe ...

Gold Star A Maurice Roeves Gallery Gold Star

~ all selections DVD format ~

Gold Star Music of Daniel Lanois Gold Star

For the Beauty of Wynona (CD)

Acadie (CD)

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star

Gold Star Music of Clannad Gold Star

Anam (CD)

Banba (CD) ~ Features an extended version of "I Will Find You"!

Fuaim (CD)

Legend (CD)

Gold Star James Fenimore Cooper Gold Star

The Leatherstocking Tales - Volume I - The American adventure collection that made James Fenimore Cooper a world renowned author and introduced America's favorite fictional character, Natty Bumppo ... or Hawkeye!

The Leatherstocking Tales - Volume II - The continuation of frontier adventures written by James Fenimore Cooper.

Gold Star Individual Titles From the "Leatherstocking Tales"Gold Star

The Deerslayer Gold Star The Deerslayer (Soft cover)

Pathfinder Gold Star Pathfinder (Soft cover)

Pioneers Gold Star Pioneers (Soft cover)

The Prairie

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star

The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground - The Spy
James Fenimore Cooper. Inspired by the historical accounts of Benedict Arnold's alleged co-conspirator, Major Andre, this novel centers around a man wrongly accused of espionage by patriotic zealots of the American Revolution. Introduction by Wayne Franklin.

Sea Tales: The Pilot, The Red Rover - James Fenimore Cooper.

The Ways Of The Hour ... the tale of Mary Monson, an accused thief and murderess, her trial & tribulations, and of those who defend her. Published one year before the author's death, "The Ways Of The Hour" was the last novel written by James Fenimore Cooper. A mystery to die for!


Gold Star Interesting Sidebars! Gold Star

The Lasting of the Mohicans: History of An American Myth - Cloth bound, hardcover edition. Martin Barker and Roger Sakin. An examination of Cooper's popular book and the impact it's had upon popular culture. The authors explore the peculiar irony that Cooper's fictional characters remain more widely known and recognized than any others despite the fact that few have actually read his work. Their focus is the media's role in popularizing the American classic, which raises many questions regarding American culture. Includes a look at the evolution of film presentations of LOTM from the earliest productions through the 1992 Michael Mann adaptation.

The Lasting of the Mohicans.... (Soft Cover) - Paperback edition.

History, Manners and Customs of the Indian Nations: Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighbouring States - Written by the Moravian missionary, John Heckewelder, this is one of the earliest pieces of colonial literature to present a favorable view, through a better understanding, of the northeastern Indian people; particularly the Delaware. This work greatly influenced James Fenimore Cooper and is the source for Cooper's "Chingachgook".

Cooper's Town William Cooper's Town: Power and Persuasion on the Frontier of the Early American Republic - Written by Alan Taylor, this book won the 1996 Pulitzer Prize. Primarily a biography of Judge William Cooper, it is in many ways a tale of two men; Judge Cooper and his novelist son, James. The father - son relationship is explored by the author amidst the backdrop of late 18th century Upstate, New York, then yet a frontier, and the changing political, social, and economical structure of a republic in its infancy. Judge Cooper was himself the subject of his son's defense in the 1823 novel, "The Pioneers". Taylor charts an excellent history, both personal and regional...

Includes, in the wealth of reviews, capsule summaries of all The Last of the Mohicans versions thus far brought to the screen. "This comprehensive filmography provides production information and commentary on all films and television episodes set during the years between the first settlements in the future United States and the fledgling country's War of 1812 with Britain."


Shed of the romantic notions, this book is a penetrating look into the horrors & atrocities of American frontier warfare ... perpetrated on, and by, both sides. Forget Disney. Forget Bury My Heart ... Read first person accounts of what really took place. Spans nearly 300 years of European/Indian warfare.


Gold Star Indian Histories Gold Star

The Mohicans of Stockbridge - A history of the Mohican people; from Dutch contact through the Stockbridge community and identity, and continued into the migration to Wisconsin. Written by Patrick Frazier, this 1994 paperback edition charts the story of how one people desperately tried to find their place amidst a rapidly changing world ... and the crossroads they found themselves upon.

Indians of Lenapehoking - A paperback edition by Herbert Kraft. A study of the Lenape, or Delaware Indians; among the oldest of the Algonquian Woodland people. Very informative and rich in cultural insights.

The Iroquois Restoration: Iroquois Diplomacy on the Colonial Frontier, 1701 - 1754 - A paperback edition by Richard Aquila on an integral facet of the allegiances forged in the first half of the 18th century.


Life of Joseph Brant - Written in 1838 by W. L.. Stone, the new edition is a two volume hardcover work.

Joseph Brant, 1743-1807, Man of Two Worlds (An Iroquois Book) - A 1986 paperback edition. Written by Isabel Kelsay. This book explores the life of the famed Mohawk chief; events, people, and period conflicts that greatly influenced Brant. As the book's title suggests, Kelsay presents a man who has one foot in the traditional world of the Mohawk people, and the other in a rapidly changing English world. She attempts to show how these often polar opposite influences shaped the man, step by step.

Behind the Frontier: Indians in Eighteenth-Century Eastern Massachusetts - Written by Daniel R. Mandell; an examination of 18th century New England Indians; their struggles and victories, resistance and alliances, Anglo-Franco relations, death and survival.

Lost Bird - Written by Renee Sansom Flood. "Lost Bird Of Wounded Knee: Spirit Of The Lakota" is the true & tragic tale of the youngest survivor of the Wounded Knee Massacre. Her mother dead, the infant Lost Bird was taken and adopted by a US Army General. Flood reveals Lost Bird's story of abuse, neglect, and the struggle to rediscover who she is.



Gold Star "The Narratives of America" by Allan W. Eckert Gold Star

"Reading Eckert is like listening to a master storyteller: he presents his material in vivid detail, using the novelist's technique to enhance dramatic events." - Publisher's Weekly

The books that comprise Allan W. Eckert's narratives are listed below. Eckert's books are fascinating, graphic, mesmerizing accounts of America's early frontier history. His writing techniques have become the model for many authors, non-fiction historians and novelists alike. He will knock you over! Those with any interest at all in early American history, or those who simply enjoy a well written book, must read these! Eckert masterfully combines the powerful events and intriguing personalities of early America with the skillful art of fine writing.

Conquerors The Conquerors - 1984 paperback edition.

Frontiersmen The Frontiersmen - 1984 paperback edition.

Wilderness Wilderness Empire - 1985 paperback edition.

Wilderness War The Wilderness War - 1985 paperback edition.


The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America - Demos Canadians. John Williams, a Puritan minister, and his family were among

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star

A Real-Life "Last of the Mohicans"!

Ishi1 Ishi, Last of His Tribe Ishi2 Ishi: In Two Worlds

Gut-wrenching saga of a man who truly was the last of his tribe!

Jon Voight & Graham Greene star in this film adaptation of the above books. Though it misses the mark in one or two instances, overall, it is a very fine film!


scroll Gold Star For the Student and French and Indian War History Enthusiast Gold Star

ORDER DIRECT! A concise, up-to-date, and fully illustrated little book on the story that is Fort William Henry. Includes photos & information based on the recent archaeological digs on the site. This selection is ordered from, and ALL proceeds go to, the French & Indian War Society!

   Crucible of War : The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America,1754-1766 ... Fred Anderson ... Vivid landscape of the personalities , events & Nations that were this great war. A rich look at the seeds of American Independence!


The Great Warpath: British Military Sites from Albany to Crown Point This recent release is a 224 page illustrated paperback edition written by David R. Starbuck, the archaeologist responsible for excavations at Rogers' Island, Fort Edward, & Fort William Henry. A thorough look at the major sites of British campaigns in the Hudson Valley corridor, Starbuck's book includes a fascinating section on Fort William Henry. Excellent! [Read more at FORT WILLIAM HENRY ... Digging for Clues]

Betrayals: Fort William Henry & The Massacre - The definitive work on the focal point of LOTM - what really happened at Fort William Henry during the siege of 1757!

Adventures In The Wilderness: The American Journals Of Louis Antoine De Bougainville, 1756-1760 - One of the best first hand accounts from a French officer's perspective of the French and Indian War. Capitaine Bougainville was a scholar, soldier, explorer, mathematician, etc... Few details of North America escaped the eye or witty pen of Montcalm's aide-de-camp. No home should be without this book!

Montcalm & Wolfe: The French & Indian War - The classic work by Francis Parkman on the Seven Years War. Parkman's writing style is very, very entertaining. Despite some errors of fact, his book remains required reading for French and Indian War enthusiasts.

Fields of Battle (Hard) - Fields of Battle: The Wars For North America (hard bound) - British Regiments and regimental life. Written by John Keegan.

Fields of Battle: The Wars For North America (soft cover) - Fields of Battle (Soft) - Paperback edition.

Redcoats Along the Hudson: The Struggle for North America, 1754-63 - Hardcover edition. Written by Noel St. John Williams, author of other works pertaining to the British Army.

Chronicles of Lake George: Journeys in War and Peace - Russell P. Bellico. A compilation of impressions and experiences in the Lake George region recorded by early travelers, both in war and peace. Entries include excerpts from journals of F & I War soldiers, Revolutionary War soldiers, and civilian travelers to Lake George during its early resort period. A special feature of this book are the descriptions of the Hudson Valley as it was in the 18th and 19th century. Professor Bellico's historical introductions and footnotes are concise and well researched.

Chronicles of Lake George: Journeys in War and Peace (Soft Cover) - A paperback edition.

Guns at the Forks - Hard cover. Written by Walter O'Meara, this classic is a look at the French and Indian War as it was played out in western Pennsylvania.

Guns at the Forks (Soft Cover) - Paperback edition of O'Meara's work.

Braddock At The Monongahela - A fine account, by Paul E. Kopperman, of one of the British army's most devastating defeats on American soil. See if you don't see a touch of this battle in Massacre Valley!

Moccasin Trails of the French and Indian War: The Eastern Frontier 1743-1758 - Paperback edition. Written by Tom Myers, "Moccasin Trails..." travels the paths of war in the east.

A Narrative of the Dangers and Sufferings of Robert Eastburn During His Captivity in the Years 1756-1757 - Paperback edition. A first hand account of a captivity experience.

The Midwife's Tale midwife - Edited by Laurel Ulrich, the journal of Martha Ballard, mother of nine, is a treasure of information on daily, tedious living in the 18th century. Ordinary and extraordinary, the entries cover the mundane bits and pieces of an early American woman's experiences as a Maine midwife for 27 years, while Ulrich offers editorial commentary. Entries cover the years 1785-1812. Excellent reference source!


The Ohio Frontier: Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720-1830 (History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier) - The causes and development of the French and Indian War is found in the Ohio River valley. A lot of data is compiled in "The Ohio Frontier...", but there are many historical human events recorded as well.


More LOTM-Related Books!

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