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Yes, Six Degrees To "The Last of the Mohicans." Far fetched, you say? Not at all. Why bother, you ask? Because it was out there.... way out there! Besides, if Kevin Bacon can do it, LOTM can do it. What's the big deal about Kevin Bacon anyway? Is he so well connected that all roads lead to him? Is he greater than LOTM? We think not. In fact, he's probably the easiest of all to connect ... Ever see his flick, Pyrates? In it, he utters the very words, "The Last of the Mohicans!" So ...

Why six degrees instead of five? The question should be, why five degrees instead of six? Or, better yet, why not seven? We're merely perfecting the game of trivia. If you think we're mad, read on........


Burt Reynolds: He's "part" Indian. LOTM's cast is "part" Indian. There you go.

Mel Gibson: He starred in "Braveheart" as William Wallace. Wallace was surrounded by half naked, Scottish savages. Those half naked, Scottish savages fought English soldiers. LOTM had half naked, Indian savages. Those half naked, Indian savages fought English soldiers. Voila! (Besides that, both films had Celtic music.)

Emma Thompson: She was in "The Name of the Father." Daniel Day-Lewis starred in "The Name of the Father." Daniel Day-Lewis played "Hawkeye" in LOTM. Next.

Kevin Costner: He starred in "Dances With Wolves." Wes Studi was in "Dances With Wolves." Wes Studi played "Magua" in LOTM.  AND... Costner starred in "Revenge" with Madeleine Stowe, who played "Cora" in LOTM. This is a triple connection, really, because everyone knows Kevin Costner would have KILLED to play "Hawkeye" in LOTM.

Gerard Depardieu: He's French. Patrice Chereau is French. Chereau played "Marquis de Montcalm,"  who was also French. This is a definite French twist. Also, Depardieu starred in "1492" with Steven Waddington, who played "Major Heyward" in LOTM. Marque!

Sylvestor Stallone: Stallone was tough guy Rambo. Daniel Day-Lewis had tough guy Rambo lines in LOTM. Stallone played a boxer in "Rocky," "Rocky ll," "Rocky lll,"  "Rocky lV," "Rocky V," "Rocky Vl,"  "Rocky Vll," "Rocky Vlll," and the sequel. DDL played a boxer in .... "The Boxer."

The English Patient: This is one of Marcia's three favorite films. LOTM is one of Marcia's three favorite films. This qualifies.

Jessica Lange: She starred in "Rob Roy" with Liam Neeson. Neeson is Irish. Daniel Day-Lewis is Irish. DDL played "Hawkeye" in LOTM. See how logical & clever this six degrees formula is?

Sir Walter Scott: He immortalized Robert McGregor and Ivanhoe. McGregor's life was the subject of "Rob Roy" played by Liam Neeson, the Irishman. "Ivanhoe" was played by Steven Waddington, the Englishman. This is an English/Irish thing. LOTM had an English/Irish thing..... and Steven Waddington, too.

Anthony Quinn: He accepted a lot of bad roles. Madeleine Stowe accepted a lot of bad roles. They both accepted bad roles in the bad film "Revenge."  Madeleine Stowe accepted another bad role in the bad film "Bad Girls." Stowe played "Cora" in the not so bad film LOTM.

Ben Kingsley: He starred in an Indian film called "Ghandi."  Daniel Day-Lewis popped in for a moment in the Indian film called "Ghandi." DDL starred in the Indian film LOTM.

Magic Island: This starred Jonathan Taylor-Thomas. He also starred in "Tom and Huck." Eric Schweig was in "Tom and Huck." Schweig was "Uncas" in LOTM. fURTHERMORE, in a truly bizarre six degrees twist, there is an ongoing controversy between Cooper & Twain. For the nitty gritty on THAT dispute, read MR. TWAIN'S CRITIQUING OFFENSES.

Forrest Gump: Tom Hanks was in "Forrest Gump." He stole Daniel Day-Lewis' Oscar award. Daniel Day-Lewis was "Hawkeye" in LOTM. He stole Duncan's Cora award. Both movies had forests in them. (Also, If you switch the letters of 'Oscar' you get 'Cora's'!!!)

Contact: This film starred Jodie Foster. LOTM co-starred Jodhi May. These are both "Jodi" films.

Errol Flynn: Flynn starred in "Robin Hood." He hung out in Sherwood Forest. LOTM had Hawkeye. He hung out in Frontier Forests. These are both forest films.

Marilyn Monroe: Monroe was an actress. She married Arthur Miller, who is not an actress. Miller wrote "The Crucible."  Daniel Day-Lewis is not an actress. He starred in "The Crucible."  DDL also starred in LOTM.

Rebecca Miller: She's an actress. Her father is Arthur Miller. He wrote "The Crucible," which starred Daniel Day-Lewis. Day-Lewis portrayed Hawkeye in LOTM. AND he married Arthur Miller's daughter, Rebecca. This one borders on the incestuous.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm: This novel has a 'Rebecca' as its heroine. Daniel Day-Lewis has a 'Rebecca' as his heroine. Our WWW Board has a 'Rebecca' as one of its heroines. DDL starred in LOTM. Our 'Rebecca' loves LOTM. DDL's 'Rebecca' loves a star of LOTM. Coincidence??? Eerie!

Shaka Zulu: This film was about the great Zulu leader, Shaka. Shaka was heartless. LOTM's Magua was heartless. After Magua did his handiwork, Col. Munro was also heartless. This is a heartless attempt to connect these films.

Henry Mancini: He was a popular theme composer for films. Trevor Jones is a popular theme composer for films. Jones composed some popular theme music for LOTM.

Tom Cruise: Cruise is a popular actor. Daniel Day-Lewis is a popular actor. Cruise accepts DDL role rejects. DDL starred in LOTM.

Debra Winger: She starred in "An Officer and a Gentleman."  Maurice Roeves (Munro) called Patrice Chereau (Montcalm) "an officer and a gentleman" in LOTM.

Revolution: This is a film about war in America. It starred Al Pacino with a very bad accent. Al Pacino was also in "Heat."  "Heat" was directed by Michael Mann and co-starred Wes Studi. Michael Mann directed LOTM, a film about war in America and Wes Studi co-starred in LOTM as Magua with a very bad ax.......

Mike Piazza: The LA Dodgers' catcher posted a review of "Revolution" on the Town Crier. Piazza noted Al Pacino's very bad accent in "Revolution." We have already established the connection between "Revolution" and LOTM. AND, if that's not convincing enough, Mike Piazza is Rich's favorite player on his favorite baseball team. LOTM is Rich's favorite movie. (Sorry to report, but, MP - ahh, ANOTHER connection: MP = Mike Piazza AND Mohican Press! - no longer plays for the Dodgers! :( - )

Spencer Tracy: He portrayed rugged outdoor types in lots of films. In "Northwest Passage," Tracy played rugged outdoor type Robert Rogers. Rogers' Rangers were at Fort William Henry AND many Mohicaanites on our WWW Board have clamored for a remake of "Northwest Passage" by director Michael Mann. Mann directed LOTM.

Hershey's Candy Company: Hershey's is famous for the KISS. LOTM is famous for the KISS. And, it is rumored that DDL and MS both ate Hershey's chocolate KISSES before they filmed the KISS. (Well, Ok, maybe we made that part up!)

George Armstrong Custer: This poor soldier "Died With His Boots On," as did Errol Flynn who starred in that film (whose connection has been previously established). Not only that, but Uncas died with his boots, or LEATHERSTOCKINGS on in LOTM!


Readers' Challenges

Men in Black: Well, this is easy. The most obvious, and it follows the Kevin Bacon mode, is: Tommy Lee Jones starred in JFK which also starred Kevin Costner who was in Dances With Wolves which co-starred(?) Wes Studi, who, of course, starred in LOTM. Then again, LOTM had its own Man In Black, a very charred Duncan Heyward! And, if you want it plural, just wait till after The Gathering & Billy Boy joins Duncan ...

Sesame Street: Sesame Street has Big Bird. LOTM has Hawkeye. The award winning children's show had guests who sang a song called "What An Adventure!" The non-award winning, non-children's film LOTM had Alice who sang a song called "What An Adventure!" Plus, Buffie St-Marie has made an appearance on Sesame Street, and she appeared in "Unbroken Chain" with Wes Studi and Eric Schweig. Studi and Schweig were in LOTM.

Mr. Holland's Opus: This film starred Richard Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss starred in "Stake Out," which co-starred Madeleine Stowe. Stowe starred in LOTM.

Miracle On 34th Street: Hmmm, this is a toughie ... at first glance! Let's see, there was a miracle on 34th street, to be sure. There was also a miracle at Massacre Valley (no address known), in that all of our heroes make it through that melee virtually unscathed. So, they are both MIRACLE films! Santa Claus, of course, doesn't hold a candle to our Hawkeye, even though the Hurons tried to hold CANDLES to him. In the end, they chose roasted Duncan instead. Another connection? Probably not! Were we stumped? PULEEZE!

The Andy Griffith Show: Yes, that's right! Even Andy is connected to LOTM! How, you ask? Well, Andy Griffith resided in none other than North Carolina. LOTM was filmed in North Carolina, which meant that all those involved, including the likes of DDL and Michael Mann, also resided in North Carolina ... for a time. Not good enough? Well, Andy's job was to provide order and protection in times of trouble. That makes him Mayberry's very own Hawkeye! AND, as one reader pointed out, Jack Nicholson was a guest on the Andy Griffith Show. He went on to star in "As Good As It Gets,"  and as everyone knows, LOTM is as good as it gets. And, Jack Nicholson starred in "Chinatown," and later the sequel to "Chinatown" ... A co-star in the sequel? Madeleine Stowe!

Star Wars: Hmmm ... let's see ... Well, let's start with star Liam Neeson and see where it goes ... Neeson was in "A Prayer For The Dying" and, in LOTM, Chingachgook says a prayer for the dead? Nah.  Neeson was in "Nell," and both that film and LOTM were filmed in North Carolina? Pretty good, but ... Ahhh ... Daniel Day-Lewis starred, of course, in LOTM, and both he and Neeson were in 1984's "The Bounty"! Voila!

Sphere: Dustin Hoffman, who stars in "Sphere," works well for this one. He was in "The Graduate" with Jon Voight. Voight was in "Return To Lonesome Dove," a sequel to Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove." The REAL McMurtry written sequel was called, "The Streets of Laredo." That featured LOTM's Wes Studi. Pretty loose? Well, Hoffman co-starred with Jessica Lange in "Tootsie." Lange was in "Rob Roy" with Liam Neeson. See "Star Wars" (above) for the Neeson-LOTM connection! So, you say, "Well THAT'S not very original!?" Ok, ok! Hoffman was in "Mad City" with John Travolta. Travolta is in "The General's Daughter" with Madeleine Stowe. Stowe is in ... And, as if THAT isn't enough ... Hoffman was in the Steven Spielberg directed, "Hook." Spielberg directed "Saving Private Ryan." Dale Dye trained the troops in that film, not to mention LOTM's 35th Regiment of Foot. Then, there's the little matter of Hoffman having worked with Arthur Miller in the past. It just so happens that Miller is now DDL's father-in-law. Thanks, Dustin!

Titanic: We'll go with the female lead this go round, Kate Winslet. Looking into the future, we see Kate in a film called " Quills," to be released in 2000. In that, she will play the part of a woman named Madeleine Le Clerc.  Ahh, Madeleine! Where have we seen that name before? Back in 1996, Winslet was in "Hamlet." Daniel Day-Lewis starred in the play of the same name. The real connection, though, is this: 1999's "Holy Smoke" stars Harvey Keitel, with Kate. Keitel was in "The Two Jakes." That Madeleine person seems to have been in that one, as well! And there you go!

A Time To Kill: TOO easy. Ashley Judd was in Michael Mann produced, "Heat." Ta Taaaaa! Some more (a few of many) ... Sandra Bullock starred with Robert Duvall ("Lonesome Dove") in "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway." The "Lonesome Dove" connection is well established! Samuel L. Jackson was in "Die Hard With A Vengeance" with Bruce Willis, who was in "12 Monkeys" with Maddy! Mathew McConaughey in "Boys On the Side" with Drew Barrymore ... Barrymore in "Bad Girls" with ... Maddy again! And so it goes ...

Smurfs: ????? TOO hard! Not fair! ... Hmmm ... Little blue guys running around with capes & smiling? Big "RED" guys running around in loincloths & NOT smiling? Hey, there's a parallel! A parallel is a connection! So what if we cheat!? WE made the rules! PLUS, on our WWWboard, we have a little guy who hangs around. He's known as Gnome. Not sure WHAT color he is, but .... We're sure he could be TURNED blue!

ShakespeareShakespeare wrote, of course, "Hamlet." Daniel Day-Lewis played, of course, Hamlet. So, of course, within just TWO degrees ... CONNECTION!

The Patriot: Weeeeeellll ... let's see here now. Mel Gibson is DDL's rival for the hearts of certain lasses who frequent our WWW Board. Mel lived in South Carolina while filming an historical flick. DDL lived in North Carolina while filming an historical flick. Mel was trained to properly run & fire by Mark Baker. DDL was trained to properly run & fire by Mark Baker. Soldiers # 1 & 2 both fought a lot in LOTM. Soldiers # 1 & 2 both fought a lot in 'The Patriot.'  Mel Gibson ran about barely clothed in 'Braveheart.' DDL ran about barely clothed in LOTM. Mel Gibson stars in 'The Patriot' ... DDL starred in LOTM.  AND ... they are both actors!

Madonna: We'll just add a "the" to this. Make it "The Madonna." There! That does nicely! The Madonna is Mary, the Mother of Christ. In LOTM we have Great Spirit & the Maker of All Life and the Master of Life. SURELY, those gents are related to The Madonna. Then too, Madeleine Stowe PLAYED The Madonna long ago in "The Nativity."


Readers' Contributions

3 Ninjas: The movie "3Ninjas" starred Victor Wong. Victor Wong was in "Tremors" with Kevin Bacon, because of whom you guys started this. ...

The Client: Well, John Grisham wrote "The Client" which was made into a movie way back when. The movie starred Susan Sarandon. Sarandon starred in "Little Women" with Winona Ryder. Ryder was in "The Crucible" with Daniel Day Lewis, who was also in LOTM. This one also works another way. Brad Renfro also starred in "The Client". Renfro the went on to co-star with Eric Schweig in "Tom and Huck". Schweig also starred in LOTM. I think this is where we start to hear the tune of It's A Small World ringing through our ears. 
by Gina!


We guarantee that we can trace any film, author, novel, director, actor, actress, or make-up person ... or anyone (thing) else to LOTM within six degrees. Doubt us? Send us your challenges or entries. We'll add them here.....



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