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Posted by Katherine on August 07, 1998 at 08:49:12:

In Reply to: Re: Favorite Scene posted by ann on August 07, 1998 at 07:58:23:

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: : : Dear Scotto,

: : : Nice sentiment!

: : : R.
: : :

: : : : You're all correct, there are many favorite scenes. But for me, what affected me the strongest, and repeatedly draws me back, is when Alice committed suicide after Uncas' unsuccessful rescue attempt. A powerful scene on various levels. the scene made ME want to jump through the screen, rescue her, and claim her for MYSELF!
: : : : You Hawkeye and Uncas lovers know how I feel!

: :
: : Response to Katherine and Ann:

: : Am I a "true" Uncas type? I'd like to think so!

: : As for "fair damsels" like Alice today, they DO exist... it's just not easy to win them over as Uncas did.

: : My opinion of Cora? Well, I've always been a big Madeleine Stowe fan... and she was perfect as the heroine. But it became clear early on that her relationship with Hawkeye would be the primary focus, so I had to put aside my fantasies. However, the more I watched the movie, the more I was drawn to Alice, and the more my protective instincts came out. On one level, she fit the stereotype of the younger sister who often gets overlooked in favor of her older sibling. Before the cliff scene, I was thinking "Hey! If no one's going to be Alice's love interest, I'll GLADLY volunteer!"

: : Obviously, Cora fit the stereotype of the older, more mature sister who followed her heart (and who captured most of the male attention). I don't think a guy could go wrong with EITHER sister!
: *************

: Then Scotto, you'll probably never be lonely:o) "when you're not with the girl you love the girl you're with":o)

: I'd never seen or heard of Madeleine Stowe before seeing LOTM recently, therefore, when I recently saw her on TV in a western(don't know the name of movie)playing an ex-"lady of the evening", gun toting & shooting, tough talking Texas girl it was like a time warp. Maybe I would have appreciated her performance in LOTM more, if I'd seen her other movies first.

: Hope you don't mind another question: about your attraction to Alice....don't you feel it would eventually become an exhausting relationship with a female who completely depends on you to defend her, provide for her & otherwise has no independence or self-sufficiency?....inquiring-female minds want to know:o)

: ann


My profile of Alice is different from the weak character in the novel. I know some of you might think that is blasphemous. Perhaps it is. I know her character is supposed to be frail, fainting, weak, dependent etc. But I can't help but surmise, gather and interpret from the movie a stronger Alice.

I mean at the Ambush Scene Cora's horse just bolts. Alice's horse throws her to the ground. I would say I would be in shock if my horse threw me to the ground. Her shell-shocked appearance IMO is a result of having been thrown from her horse as well as witnessing the horrors of the massacre of your travelling party by some Indians who just rushed out of the woods and then not knowing whether these 3 new Indian strangers who seem to be helping you now can be trusted. then having to witness witness She had the presence of mind to think that if she could get on a horse and leave the place she would and confront Uncas when he sends off the horses.

She was not going to be too quick on trusting these new Indians and neither would I especially when the Indian Magua who was supposed to be helping turns on you.

At the falls when Alice approaches the falls too closely I think it was a reaction to the whole situation. All that is happening and then her sister Cora trusts this Hawkeye guy who is her true protector which means that Alice loses her sister Cora to this guy. That can be distressing. It is the what will become of us? and can Cora really trust that guy? Luckily Uncas steps in and pulls her back.

I don't feel she was completely oblivious. She was just silently observant. A little skeptical perhaps and less quick to trust as Cora was. But Alice I believe opened her heart and trust to Uncas.

Her inner-strength was always there, I would like to believe. Her strength and defiance was shown fully at the cliff scene.

My Alice profile? Smarter than she looks. Observes a lot. Not naive - she doesn't trust right off the bat, but once she finds you are trustworthy, she'll treasure you, just needs to know that someone is there for her but can be independent, has inner-strength.

From my view of Alice she is NOT
"a female who completely depends on you to defend her, provide for her & otherwise has no independence or self-sufficiency..."

If Scotto sees Alice as I describe then I see his point about his attraction to her.


Any comments?

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