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Posted by Kate on June 21, 1999 at 18:09:55:

In Reply to: Re: But REBECCA.............Same boat! A Quilted Reply posted by MMMMarcia on June 21, 1999 at 16:58:18:

: OK, guys, here goes: One day Miss Sassy Soothsayer was zipping about Mohicanland, checking out the flurry of activity generated by the news that one Eric Schweig was going to visit the Gathering in person! She noticed that there was MUCH going on throughout the land, as each person reacted to the news in his or her own way. The teeny bees (Bee Still My Heart & Bee Bop a Lula) were going berserk over the possibility of seeing their hero in the flesh (thought not quite as much flesh as was exposed during the movie). Miss Marcia was cookin' and bakin' and stirrin' and fryin' up a feast in celebration. And Miss Katie O' Arbroath was busy designing a brand new quilt just for the occasion...a new pattern she had named the Inuit Star, in honor of the upcoming visit. Now, unbeknownst to Sassy, the REAL Kate was happily making up a cute little quilt for the raffle, just because of her persona's Quilt Shoppe in Mohicanland. When Sassy threw her the curve about the quilt being called the Inuit Star, she had to do a quick revision, as her patchwork quilt was nearly finished. She added a nice appliqued star shaped piece in the center, embroidered the words "Inuit Star" upon it, and on another square, commemorated the 2nd Annual Gathering. And there you have the story of how that quilt came into being.

: Lest we not forget our Mohicanland counterparts, I'd like to thank both Miss Katie O' Arbroath, Proprietress of Miss Katie's Quilt Shoppe AND Kate Penman from across the seas for the lovely quilt and other touches of Scotland she shared with us.

: Clear it up any? ;o)

: MMMMarcia

Hi Rebecca! Hi Ann!!

Just got back to the board and saw all the posts re: the quilt. I think that Miss MMMM has pretty well given you the gist of the story!! I was indeed making up a little quilt for the raffle (just as a little 'plug' for Miss Katie's Quilt Shoppe', dontcha know!!), just as a little bit of fun. It was finished and I had actually stowed it in my suitcase. Then, as Miss MMMM says, she threw me a curved ball by intimating that 'Miss Sassy' had been flying around Mohicanland and had seen Miss Katie sewin' and stitchin' and muttering something about an 'Inuit Star'!!

Well, what could one do?!! One suddenly had to come up with some kind of 'star' feature incorporated in the quilt!! First, I had a little panic!! (Well, I can't draw for peanuts and making a 'star' shape is almost impossible for me!!) Then, I thought, surely a square will do!! But, you can understand my reluctance to go down THAT road!! Let's face it, kids, 'Inuit Square' is not going to go down too well with ANYONE!! If Eric's fans hadn't lynched me first (and I am one of them! So, technically I would have had to commit suicide!!), Eric himself might have done!! Or Rich and Elaine, for not following the plan and helping Eric to feel 'comfortable and easy' at the Gathering!! Well, you can see my predicament!!

However, I slaved over a drawing of a star (have I mentioned I went through half a roll of wall lining paper trying to make one?) Finally got it to the dimensions I thought were appropriate and got sewing on it before I changed my mind and just left it off! (By this time I am definitely *not* singing Miss Sassy's praises!) Thus, 'THE INUIT STAR' was created!!

Just one little thing more, Ann - you will notice that the 'Star' is just not quite centred. It is just a bit higher than it should be, if you are centring. Many years ago, I read in a book (the Koran) that you must never create/make anything perfect. And, I have tried to follow those words ever since, (not that much of my stuff is perfect!!) so, in this case, my 'deliberate mistake' in the quilt was to set the 'Inuit Star' just a smidgeon higher than it should be. I hope that that does not bother you.

Anyway, between Marcia and I, I think that you have pretty well gotten the story! I'm sorry that it isn't any more mysterious than that! And I'm sorry that there is not a better 'story' attached to it, but no matter!! You have the 'INUIT STAR' Ann and it has been signed by Eric!!! You lucky thing you!! I wish I had won it back so I could have gotten it signed!! However, I shall name no names, but - 'someone' decreed you couldn't win something you had donated!! *@@*??!!## Seriously, I'm very glad that it went to someone who wanted it so badly!!! And I'm so glad that you are getting so much pleasure from it!! I'm looking forward to seeing the picture of it on your sofa!!! Isn't that amazing that the colours actually go with your colour scheme!!

Anyway, thank you for taking the trouble to say how much you like it!! I really appreciate that, Ann!!

I'm sure you must be thinking it must be the most amazing quilt that has ever been made, Rebecca!! Not so!! But hey! It has VERY SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE for us Mohicanlanders, eh, Ann??!!!

Take care,
Best wishes to you both,

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