The Mohican Board! [Bumppo's Redux!]
The Mohican Board! [Bumppo's Redux!]
5/30/2024 10:40:32 AM
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Welcome to the The Mohican Board! [Bumppo's Redux!] Guestbook

This Guest Book has been established on September 2, 2004 as a place for you to leave your mark in the event that you do not wish to register on the Mohican Board. [Although, anyone is free to leave a comment - registered or not!]

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Posted by runing wolf - October 03 2013 : 3:27:02 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: California
Country: United States
Age: 54
I am looking for a poster around : 1800 to 1848-1858- -1868
us, goverment advertising poster announced to give bounty for the scalps 50.00= males and 25 for 25.00 kids and woman

i will pay a fee for this poster

the poster is to be in a showing of somekind
on original display in a cal mueseum
Posted by Monica Sutton - July 11 2012 : 6:02:23 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: AR
Country: United States
Age: 45
I stumbled across this site looking for geneology information on a Mohican ancestor. I thought I could find information here about Toanunck (John Van Gelder). If anyone can help me please email me at Thank you!

Posted by carlbucher - March 24 2012 : 1:33:31 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Virginia
Country: USA
Age: 52
March 24, 2012
I'm asking for help to determine the name of a Huron warrior in Magwas band. He is an extra in the movie and has no speaking parts. He is in the final scenes of the movie. It's after Cora puts her hands over her face after her sister jumps. Daniel Day-Lewis fires his rile at this Huron warrior, who is on a large rock, and hits him and he falls backward. This is the Huron Warrior I'm trying to find out the name for(and any other info available on him). He is also in several other parts of the movie. Curtis Gaston has a photo of him but incorrectly states it's of Russell Means.Thank you for your help. Please respond to carlbucher at
Posted by Myra Ragan - February 08 2010 : 10:40:30 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Virginia
Country: USA
Age: 50
I am desperately trying to find Susan Varner Houck and found her name related to your site. We are researching the same family geneaology and we are (fairly) closely related. I am originally from Lexington, NC and have answers to many of her questions. If anyone on this site can direct her to me, I would be most appreciative. Myra E. Ragan Feb 2010
Posted by katieb - October 12 2009 : 6:12:54 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: texas
Country: u.s.a.
Age: 52
I was able to place my classified ad for a World's Classics copy of "TLOTM." Thanks!
Posted by roxann bilger - October 12 2009 : 6:03:59 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: texas
Country: u.s.a.
Age: 52
I am trying to place an ad in your old books wanted category (I have already registered), but I cannot get it to work. Can you help?


(BTW: I am looking for a World's Classics edition---hardcover, pre-1970s---of "The Last of the Mohicans.")
Posted by Mark - May 04 2009 : 10:09:27 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: NC
Country: USA
Age: 54
I stumbled onto your site a few days ago while doing research on the movie soundtrack. I had asked my daughter, who plays the violin, to learn the music and give this a shot, in particular, the songs known as "The Kiss" and "Promontory" which are were adapted from Dougie MacLean's "The Gael".

Thanks so much for the sheet music and surely a whole lot more info than I expected to find. Fascinating! Still reading through it days later and it's been a few years since I watched the film, I will need to see it again very soon. Cannot get the haunting power of this music out of my head this week...

Well done on the website!

Posted by Katsi'tsaro:roks Phillips - May 04 2009 : 09:53:41 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Kahnawake
Country: Canada
Age: 19

Mike Kanentake:ron,Rahksotha(Grandfather) was a beautiful and generous man,who fed off of making me,my sister and brothers feel proud about ourselves.I am soo proud to call him my tota.He belonged to us,his family.He left us 10 years ago and even tough his gone in mind and body,his spirit will live on forever!

E:so tsi konoronhkwatshera tota mike
Katsi'tsaroroks,your youngest granddaughter
Posted by April57 - September 18 2008 : 5:54:34 PM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: The Czech Republic
Country: European Union
Age: 51
LOTM is one of my favorites ever.
Never miss a chance to see Magua and the others I have the film in my golden dvd collection. And whats more, this great film is on this Saturday. I do believe it gets some new fans in my country.
Posted by papachate - August 05 2008 : 08:10:53 AM  Email Poster Go To Top Of Page
State: Qubec
Country: canada
Age: 67
Good Morning,

yesterday I was looking for information abouct Lac-Sacrement and Montcalm whon your site provide me a very interesting article .
With french headings .

However I can't find the author or even from which section of the site, the information comes from.

Would it be possible to help me out ?

Merci !
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Tune, 40, used by permission - composed by Ron Clarke

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