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The 1992 movie, THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, undoubtedly ranks as one of the finest period pieces of all time. One of the first things to strike me was the gorgeous scenery permeating the film throughout. It prompted me to follow its often arduous trail and see to where it led. Not too surprisingly, it brought me to some of the most beautiful places in western North Carolina. With the availability of this self-published guide booklet, now you too can follow in the footsteps of Hawkeye, Cora, Magua, and all the rest. While you're here, besides being able to download our guide book to the film's locations, you'll be able to ... read first person accounts of the filming, as well as exclusive interviews, view photos from the set, learn about the history of the period and the characters involved, read the script, enjoy the score, visit our Sutler's Space, better understand the origins of the novel and the man who created it, read a handwritten letter from DDL, and so much more. So whether the draw is Daniel Day-Lewis or Fort William Henry, Eric Schweig or Le Marquis de Montcalm, Madeleine Stowe or James Fenimore Cooper ... or, of course, North Carolina's scenery ... we believe that there's something here for you. Above, you'll find links to all the menu sections. Explore the Site fully at your leisure. See you on the Trail!

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