On The Trail Of The Last Of The Mohicans
History ~ Homage ~ Humor
~~~~ a breed apart ~~~~

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Most of this section is meant as parody. No actual persons really exist in Mohicanland. We mean no offense to anyone. Please enjoy it for what it is; humor. You will find satirical essays, Mohicanland news, classifieds, and stories. Plenty more than in the above links. Poke around!

What an adventure!

"You Will NOT Understand What Is Happening Here!"

Be familiar with the movie, the novel, this Web Site, and most of all, our bulletin board, to maximize any chance you may have at all of getting "it"!

Many, many thanks to Carol, Chris, Jo, Ilse, Mary, Gayle, Ros, Katherine, Vita, Victoria, Marcia, Sarah, Pat, Joe, Bill, Dana, Rebecca, Clabert, Kate and all the others ... both for their continued good humor and their stellar contributions (willing or not) to The Courier pages! Thanks also to the many who have allowed us the freedom to, shall we say, develop their personas, ruin their good names, and destroy their lives. We truly appreciate the opportunity.
Be sure to visit our message board for a look at the origins of some of these characters, as well as their ongoing sagas!

~~~~ Please Note: Not ALL the pages in this section are satirical pieces. Some of it IS serious. Hopefully, we've allowed you to be able to tell the difference! ~~~~

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